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Seniori and fishing 

SENIORI take the fisherman's dreams come true

Is it a small size, blinking eyes or quick movement?
Only the fish knows that it is something in Seniori that it can not resist.


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High-quality, product innovation and genuine craftsmanship. Years of successful product innovation has made a seniori from one of the best-selling and the market definitely multi-functional lures.

SENIORI product information                                                                          Production: Finland, Hannu Känsäkoski 

Sizes: 30 mm / 1 g, 40 mm / 2 g,  50 mm / 3 g

Category: Ul-lure Material: balsa 

Feature: floating, sinking by using the weight of the hook

Fishing on the Seniori has, always use a avolenkkiä (kts.viehesolmu), or fly-trap. Thickness of the fishing line (30 mm) intended to Seniori 0.16 to 0.30 mm.

Swimming, floating on its side, Seniori-wobbler Correction: Bend the nose loop gently tilt direction. Do not bend the drive links up-down direction, as in this wobbler swimming density can be found by adjusting the drawing speed.

Be replaced by weight of the hook groove of 1.2 mm is designed models of 40 mm and 50 mm. Hitch weight is suitable for most hard bait. Hitch Weight to front hook pushed and squeezed gently closed with pliers. Removal is easy even if the tip of a knife. The weight can be used numerous times.


Trolling Seniori wobbler is second to none in trolling. Lightweight Seniori swim very easily. Uintivärinän knows tukevammassakin subcontracting functions abroad and on the line. A variety of changes such as increasing or decreasing the rate for anorexic fish to strike. Ottiviehe sure yet ending the lure of speed on leaving the rise. The catch whitefish, salmon, grayling, Arctic charr, brown trout, perch, etc.


Spinning and spinfluugaus Change the weight of the hook in place of front hook. Add larger models, hook weight to front hook. This will give you kind of spinning Seniori wobbler appropriate, sinking lure, which allows you also spinfluugata bottom depths. Weight Hook / hook weight of the lure heitettävyyttä improves, but does not affect the lure to swim. Catch grayling, rainbow trout, brown trout, Arctic charr and perch.


Ice-fishing As the above quotation as used in fishing. Change the weight of the hook / hook more weight. Make a peaceful, 40-50 cm long strokes. You can also fish from a boat in the summer of uisteluvavalla. The catch mm. perch, grayling, whitefish and rainbow trout.