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Suonenjoki 11/08/1997. Seniori 50 mm, perches 1 060g ja 1 240 g, Hemmo Kortelainen


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 -The success-story began years ago

First place at the nation-wide wobblercontest

In the tight competition in the salmon trout series Seniori came second, and was described as the "competitions only speciality, which movement makes the redfleshed fish become nervous" (Suomi kalastaa 1992.)

Crushing victory at the Erä-magasines big test in 1996, evaluation *****

There were over 30 wobblers in the test; Nils Masters Invincible, Finlandia's S, Rapala's Mini Fat Rap, Countdown and Floating and others, which were tested in Sweden and Norway. Total amount of powans was 198, 172 units of them were caught by using Seniori. Erä-magazine commented the winner: Seniori is the ultimate powanwobbler. One of the best powanwobbler. The 28-millimeter model swimmed very powerfully and compared to its size, it swam very deep. Seniori caught the powans with all the different strengts of stripe: 0,16–0,35 millimeters (Erä 7/96.)

The second most bought wobbler in Finland in 1997 and 1998

Metsästys ja kalastus -magazines described the test result: The real surprise was the Seniori-wobbler. The good ranking says that they have cought a lot of fish with this wobbler (M&K 7/97.) At this years list the top three is clear. The salesman will only take what the customers want. Seniori ranked second again and proofed that it isn't a one-day story. Many kinds of fish are caught with Seniori (M&K 7/98.)

Did you know that the first Finnish-powanfishingcompetition was won with Seniori in 1998? The winning partners thought: “Seniori is the ultimate wobbler for powans. We have not met a better wobbler for it, than this” (Sisä-Suomen Lehti 1998.)

A lot of praises at the Erä-magazines big row-wobblertest, evaluation ****1/2

"When used correctly, Seniori is one of the overpowerfulled wobblers. Despite its small size, every fish, from small to big ones will be caught on it." The best generalwobbler there is. Big fishes are sure to come, so go get some extra stripe (Erä 3/98.)

Successfull product development is praised

"Seniori is the best example for that, how to make a new kind of demand; Who would have thought that in powanfishing with a wobbler would be so profitable. Why Seniori? The answer is threedivisioned: The right frequency of the vibration, the swimming depth and the right size. Seniori's swimmingvibration is exceptionally powerful: it can be felt in stronger poles too" (Vetouistelu 3/98.)

Top ten most sold wobblers 1999 Seniori was again the second, for the third time in a row, Seniori has established a place among the most sold wobblers, were hundreds of wobble makers only dream of (M&K 9/99.)

Naakajärvi, Sweden. Seniori 30 mm, number 7 (Vinered). The pictures powan with Seniori number 7 (Vinered).

Top ten sold wobblers 2000 Seniori raised to the first place in the most sold wobblers. Seniori is becoming its names worthy in the lists. This little wobbler has conquered the first place at the mini-wobblers at our country (M&K 9/00.)